Welcome residents of the Hudson Valley! Select your device below and get paid now!

What should I do before I mail in my device?

Please make sure you sign out of iCloud and turn off FindMyiPhone. Once we receive your device, we automatically wipe them clean so make sure you back them up before sending in your device.

How can I tell if my device has been reported lost or stolen?

If you go to Swappa.com/ESN and enter in your IMEI, you can see if your device has been reported lost or stolen.

Are the offers negotiable at all?

To be fair to everyone that uses our service, our offers are firm.

How does it work?

Once you select the device that you would like to trade in, we will send you a prepaid shipping kit in the mail that you should receive within 2-3 business days of placing your order. Once you receive the kit, place your device inside and drop it off at the post office. No postage required. Once we receive your device and inspect it to make sure that it matches the description, we will send you your payment the same day. You can choose to get paid by Check or PayPal.

How can I tell which model my device is?

For iPhones, click here

For iPads, click here

Do you purchase devices that are iCloud locked or have been reported lost or stolen?

No, we reserve the right to not purchase devices that are iCloud locked or have been reported lost or stolen. If these devices are sent to us, we will send them right back and your shipping address will get blacklisted from using our service.